From the team behind Kiasu Foodies, there's now a Telegram Bot that makes it even easier to find food deals.

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Kiasu Bot allows users to:

  • Find deals near them or at a specified location
  • See all updated food delivery promo codes

What makes Kiasu Bot special:

  • List deals with us for free. No gimmicks.
  • Explore flexible deal listings. Vary the redemption timings, items or limit.
  • Kiasu Bot is on Telegram, used by hundreds of thousands of Singaporeans daily.

Still in doubt? Try @kiasu_bot yourself.

What is Kiasu Foodies?

Kiasu Foodies is Singapore's leading deal sharing platform. With over 120,000 subscribers on Telegram and a million monthly impressions, we bridge the gap between undiscovered food deals and ever-hungry Singaporeans.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is an instant-messaging platform preferred by youths in Singapore. Think WhatsApp but better:

  • Preferred messaging platform by Singaporean millennials
  • Push-notifications enabled by default
  • Used daily for messaging, hard to miss

Our Reach

  • 135,000+ Telegram subscribers (check our detailed Tele stats here)
  • 25,000+ followers on Instagram, Telegram Community, and Facebook
  • 200+ new subscribers everyday
  • 40,000-100,000 average unique impressions per post (depending on duration of post)
  • 300-1,000 average click-through-rate

Kiasu Bot's Statistics

  • Open beta since 7 Jan 2020
  • 7700 total users
  • 2700 weekly active users (defined as 1 or more deal clicks* in the last 7 days)
  • Weekly retention rate of 90% (excluding week 1’s ~50%)


  • Average age: 22
  • 65% female, 35% male
  • Very targeted group of Singaporeans who love food deals

What you’ll gain:

By reaching out to our subscriber base of over 120,000 hungry, deal-loving Singaporeans, we can help to...

  • Send many new customers your way. Deals we feature almost always see long queues.
  • Rapidly increase your brand awareness, such as by pushing out any new outlets or product release.
  • Massively increase your social media presence.
  • The outlet, choice of item, and redeemable time-slots can be discussed. Ultimately, we want to have a deal that both makes our users happy, but also makes monetary-sense for you.

But... don't take our word for it. Take a look at some of the merchants we've worked with and let the results speak for themselves.

So how much do you charge?

We don't.

Kiasu Foodies earns revenue through advertisements - your deals help us by driving more traffic to our platform.

What are you waiting for? Submit your deal!

Merchants we've worked with

Gong Cha, Tsujiri, Bober Tea, Soi55, ParTea, Hollin, Standing Sushi Bar, Sakae Sushi, Tanuki Raw, Yogurtland, Merely, Pasarbella, Wheat

Not a food merchant?

We're happy to collaborate on any ideas that coincide with our vision of helping hungry Singaporeans. Contact us at if you're interested in working with us.

Brands we've worked with

Shopback, Burpple, Oddle, Eatsy, ChopeDeals, Fave, The Entertainer, Eatigo, SingSaver, Plum, Pelando, WhyQ, SDSA