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McDonald's - -
KFC Expiry date ranges 10 Pcs Chicken for $18 (U.P. $33.50)
Burger King 30 Jun $2 Fish Burger, $4 for 2 Veggie Burgers
Pizza Hut Expiry date ranges 50% off 1 pizza
Dominos Expiry date ranges 2 For $22 Pizzas (Regular)
Sarpinos Expiry date ranges 1-For-1 Pizzas
Canadian Pizza Expiry date ranges 1-For-2-Pizzas
Popeye's Chicken Expiry date ranges $4.80 for 2 Pcs Chicken
Texas Chicken Expiry date ranges 810 Pax Party Meal for $93
Subway Expiry date ranges $5.90 meals
Long John Silver's Expiry date ranges $39.90 for Fish & Chicken Feast for 4


While Mcdonald's doesn't release an official e-coupon catalogue, a quick scroll through the Mcdonald's app will present you with a wide range of good deals worth checking out. Here's some of the better ones our Kiasu team has picked out!

  • $1 Fillet-o-Fish with any purchase - Valid from 12PM-4AM
  • $1 4Pc Chicken McNuggets with any purchase on Mondays- Valid from 12PM-11:59PM
  • $1 Hashbrowns with any purchase on Mondays- Valid from 4AM-11AM

However, due to the Covid 19, Mcdonald's is not currently providing any coupons on the app.


One of the iconic brands known for it's monthly coupons, KFC releases some great deals ever so often. Check out KFC's e-coupon catalogue for some great deals. Do note the following attractive deals!

Burger King

Surely you must have some memory of receiving a physical copy of Burger King's coupons. Here's the link to their e-coupon catalogue.

This month's coupons are until 30 Jun, so grab them before they run out.

Pizza Hut

Pizza hut has it's own fair share of deals too! You can find them at the coupon tab of their website but we've compiled a list of their better deals for you!

  • 50% OFF  1 Pizza- End date unspecified
  • $7 off for Laksalicious Pizza Or Sambalicious Sardine Pizza - Valid till 14 July 2020


This month, Domino's has release a wide variety of promotions ranging from discounted sides to even more affordable pizzas!

  • 50% OFF Tasty Set with code <FUZZBOB> - Valid till 22 Jun
  • 2 For $22 Pizzas (Regular), 2 for $33 (Large), 2 for $44 (Extra Large)
  • Free 6Pc Garlic Cheese Onion Rings - Limited time. Valid for new registered users.


Sarpino's is back with their 1-For-1 pizzas and it'll be a crime to not share this good deal. Grab a side of your choice for free with a minimum spending of $30 as well!

Canadian Pizza

Canadian Pizza is known for its 2-For-1 pizzas, but hold your horses because they've just launched a 1-For-2 special. Check it out!

  • Premium Pizza Promotion Buy 1 Get 2 Free - End date unspecified


Popeye's has its own range of competitive deals, do give them a look! Currently, beside their $5 smashing deals, they are having many promotions on their app. Check here out for more coupons.

  • $4.80 for 2 Pcs Chicken - Monday only

Texas Chicken

Don't miss out on these good deals from Texas Chicken!

  • 10 Pax Party Meal for $93 - End date unspecified


Subway has brought back it's $5.90 meals! Choose between the options Chicken Shroom Poloni, Egg Mayo, Chicken BLT, and Veggie Delite!


Long John Silver's

Long John Silver's have released more e-coupons to use during this festive season. Use them to save more while you spend!

  • $39.90 for Fish & Chicken Feast for 4 on Grab Food (U.P. $64)- End date unspecified

Note: Deals change all the time and we'll try our best to keep this article as updated as possible. However, please give the restaurant a call or check online to make sure it's still available!